Friday, November 23, 2012

doing today and not waiting for tommorow

Ok girls, time for  a little bit of transparency.

How many of us if we are truly honest, have woken up on a Monday morning and realised that you had  forgotten  to wash the school uniforms due to a hectic weekend?
How many of us have heard the  words .."where are my socks and where is my  undies"...due to an overflowing laundry basket, that is now like a make shift wardrobe
I know I have, on more than one occasion
I guess for some of us we have more in common than we think.

Things can often get away from us.
The busyness of life can come, and take over the things that are a priority in helping us have a smooth running household.
Its Like the pots we have left to soak in the sink, with the hope that some one else will come along and wash it them for us ...

Or the full load of towels in the washing machine that we forgot to hang out, and now have to re wash as they have gone a bit smelly ...

Then there is the old vegetable at the back of the fridge, the one that is now growing enough penicillin to source a chemist,(I mean we have been meaning to throw it out,haven't we )

And last but not least, the morning you wake and realize there is nothing for school lunches, your  already running late and apart from giving them salt on toilet paper as that is all that seems to be available, you run frantically to the local store and nearly spend your whole life savings on a bread and peanut butter

Yep these are Just some of the things that slip unnoticed until we have no choice but to deal with them
If the truth be known, we or should I say most of us have experienced one or all of these things.

We swear  that next time, we are going to wash the uniforms the moment the kids get home from school.
And as for laundry baskets, well as soon as its off the line your going to fold and put away in every ones draws.
And never again will you soak a pan,or forget to hang out the washing.

And as for your fridge, well from now on that's going to be sparkling with only the freshest of veggies.
and your pantry well that will be filled to overflowing with home made items so school lunches are always on hand.
Phew !!!
Until the moments of change turn in to hours, then days, then months, and before we know it we are back again swamped with overflowing laundry baskets and moldy veggies.

Like anything in life to be organised and take hold of the things that will make our lives run smoother  takes effort.
I am reminded of   The healing Pool in John 5
One man had laid there for 38 yrs, the fact that he was at the pool you can see he desires healing, but being at the pool and getting in the pool are two different things.
 Its like knowing you need to wash uniforms and actually washing them.
 They are not  just going to jump from the ground themselves in to the washing machine.
So many of us today know we need healing and we believe with sincere hearts that we are sitting at the pool waiting to be healed  and Yet we feel God is doing nothing.
We can so often let the hustle and bustle and Pain that life throws at us steer us away from making our own healing a priority,  so we put it of for another day.

However we cant just sit by the pool, we have to get in to it

When Jesus approached this man he asked him "Do You Want To Get Well"
the man replied and said "I cant sir as i have no one to help me in to the pool while iam trying to get in some one goes in ahead of me'

We can sit at the edge of the water so to speak, waiting for the tide to turn on our situation and whist waiting we can grow mouldy like the old carrot in the back of the fridge.

We can remain for years in the same situation, whist we watch others running forward to receive their freedom ,but not us we some how cant move ahead.
 So its often easier to sit and blame others for why we lay at the edge of the pool paralyzed ,lame or blind especially if they have genuinely contributed to your pain. Yet when we live this way it stops us from taking ownership.

Only we can step in to the water and move forward.

Next thing Jesus said to the man was "pick up your mat and walk"
some of us have been sitting on the same mat for years and years, its felt comfortable
Yet frustrating and painful ..
I was pondering Jesus words and I thought how amazing that he doesn't say "Leave your mat behind and walk."
The man would still carry his mat but it would now be cleansed and new.
 Even once we are healed we can still carry the scars of our past, but they are now healed and whole and now have the amazing ability to show the world of Gods amazing power.
As i thought on that I was thinking of how our own pain can bring healing to another life, instilling hope and freedom, as we carry what ever it is that's held us back and walk in to the healing pool of Gods amazing presence.
When others see our scars they will listen to our story
So the challenge is  Do we want to get well?
 If so what mat have we been sitting on.
 Is it Anger, Depression,Fear,Rejection, Pain, Abuse, Unforgivness, Self esteem, Eating disorders, Addictions, ..
What ever mat it is  Jesus is calling to us to not wait till its all out of control, but today pick up your mat and move forward.
He knows our fears and he will guide us each step of the way .
Hope I see you alongside me at the waters edge ready to emerge  ourselves fully in the healing of The King 
be blessed  love Debs x

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Travel Light

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you had just arrived at your dream holiday destination in the snow only to open your suitcase and find it packed with bikinis and summer outfits. 

Just the sheer thought makes me feel uneasy. The entire holiday could be far from pleasurable, and somewhat uncomfortable

Yet so often our lives can be just like this.

 Sometimes we can find ourselves in a new season and we are still carrying an abundance of last season’s junk, plus the season before that, and the one before that.
Making our current season heavy and weighed down. Which makes  it very hard to move with the freedom that God has given us?

Imagine your life like a big huge suitcase, as the years have passed the case becomes heavier and heavier, you have been meaning to de clutter but things just get in the way.
Not only that it can also it can feel quite scary to get rid of the things that you have held on to for years. I mean everything has a memory attached whether it be a good one or a bad one.

We can be fully aware that our life is overflowing with too much unnecessary baggage, we know that no matter how much we try to ignore it eventually the zip will break.
And what we thought was a “Neat, compact nobody can see what’s in my case kind of life “eventually will spill out, causing us to now have a suitcase (life) were the handle has fell off and holes have appeared and all the stitching is coming apart.

Every new season we enter we need a spring clean. There is no point if you’re in a summer season to continue to wear your winter outfit, or vice versa.

We need to begin to learn the art of traveling light. Some of us we are carrying pain and hurt and grief around. For others its addictions and anger and the list can go one.
only we know what’s in our case and only we can unpack it 

why not join with me, and open up our lives before God and allow him to De clutter and spring clean our hearts enabling us to walk in the freedom that is ours love Debs xx

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daughters of the King

Just recently as i was inflicting some pain on myself, commonly known as exercise,I saw the most precious moment take place.
A little girl was standing at the oceans edge with a huge hat on,which she had it pulled over her face and continually shouted "Daddy Daddy can you find me iam hiding ".
Her dad played along with her game for a few moments, until all of a sudden he just swept her up and said "I have found you".
The little girl was hugging her daddy and laughing.
as i continued my walk it got me thinking.
I don't know were you are all at.
However i believe that God wants to minister to your heart today
I believe that God wants to talk to two types of women today.
Firstly those that are scared and still filled with shame your finding it hard to move forwarded .
Secondly those who feel like they have been left on the shelf, as your dreams and desires have never surfaced and your afraid hes forgotten you or lost you in a crowd............
Girls the bible is so clear, God knows and sees everything.
you cant hide from him no matter what your past has been.
No matter what your scared he will ask of you.
No matter what your present situation is.
He knows it all.
And he never overlooks his children.
We sometimes can find ourselves like the little girl on the oceans edge covering our faces with a variety of hats in order to hide ourselves away from our Heavenly Father
Yet just like that little girls daddy,Our hevenly Father runs towards us and picks us up, spins us around and says "My daughter of course i have found you i never took my eyes off you,you stand out in a crowd so unique one of a kind i took your past and transformed it in to beauty you no longer need to hide your face from me".
He then turns to his beautiful daughters who feel left out and forgotten and he lifts the hat of your face and speaks to your soul saying "my beautiful one i have not forgotten you, my timing is perfect I see the beginning from the end and sometimes delay is your best friend.
We serve a king who loves us just as we are.
He knows the right time for our dreams to be born and knows every intricate thought that we have
lets trust him with our all much love debs xx

©Deb Matheson

Monday, September 3, 2012


Lately i have been thinking on how its so much easier to want to change the world,yet when it comes down to changing oneself the hard work begins.
Things we didn't want to address or simply didn't even know was an issue come to the fore front, giving us two choices lie down and ignore or accept the challenge and trust and live free
I would have to say that i have chosen to accept the challenge but my goodness its been one of the hardest things I have had to do

This past 2 weeks I truly have been challenged in my faith
Not as in do I believe Jesus is Lord,
but in do I truly believe He is Lord over my seemingly impossible situation.
As i have thought hard and long on this, I have been deeply moved. 
 See it can be easier when you have your surroundings in a secure spot.
Regular income,Secure home life ,Secure job/ministry,to be able quote all things are possible and a myriad of scripture
 However it can be a very different story when all is stripped away and its just you and him and a humanly impossible situation.
 When we are facing new territory it can be overwhelming and quite  frighting.
Not knowing what is around the corner can be scary  and finding that your wavering in Gods promises can be devastating.
Especially when your exhausted from the journey
Yet I am learning its through the wavering and the struggles that a deep strength comes one that is impossible to find on the mountain top.
Its in the massive wrestles we can have as we climb back up and fall down again, that teaches us amazing wisdom and enables us to press on
I don't know were your all at this morning, but I do know that God will never leave your side as we surrender our lives He picks us up and even though we may still have to walk some rocky roads he is our guide and protector

Thursday, August 16, 2012

4 F words we cant live without (part 1)

Have you ever  thought your life is over,just because things haven't gone as you planned them to.
Do you question were you went wrong?
 Or think about how many  mistakes you may of made, and will you ever be able to make things right and get back up and start again ?

I want to share  this morning  1 of the 4 most powerful F words, that can change the very core of who you are if you allow them to 


Yes I can already here some of you already saying "Failure are you serious" ?

Yes I am !

Failure has the capacity to transform your life and strengthen your soul.
So many people are afraid of it ,even just saying the word brings cringes to many faces.
 Many believe that if your close to God. then that word doesn't even exist in the vocabulary ...
May I suggest your reading the wrong book.
 The bible is filled with many amazing, powerful men and women of God who have experienced failure at some point.
When we fear failure it hinders us from stepping out
It frightens us to what others may think 
And it can cause many to live in denial.

For some Failure, and just hearing the word can bring back memories of pain and shame ,
Yet the truth is Failure has the capacity to make us dig so deep that we get back on our feet and walk stronger and taller than before.

When my marrige stated to crumble a few years after my hubby's accident we had lost everything and we both felt like failures.
 Dreams we had that we were seeing multiply and be laden with fruit, had all gone.
 Our business, our homes lost.
 We had moved 12 times in 4 years in to motels, hotels, holiday ins, with 3 children and suitcases.
We had to give away our long term family pets,which caused a lot of sadness, grief ,anger and much pain.
and while all this was going on we were still trying to keep  the remnent  of the church God had told us to plant together,
A church family that once flourished  in the community especially with the drug addicts and prostitutes.
Sadly we we were fighting a losing battle.
and decided to close that chapter of our lives.
My husband had an aquired brain injury from his accident and was having copious operations,so no longer able to lead.
 and I was trying  to keep everything together, like it had always been.
Until eventually all desire was gone.
I found I had lost my Joy, and so my strength to keep going failed.
Failure screamed at me every day, till i got sick and depressed and filled with shame and truly bewildered at how something like this could happen to my precious family,that now our  all fractured and broken and separated  (but praise God he is doing a mighy work of healing,his way HIS time)

 Then one day as i was praying, well more like having a tanty, pity party with God on the beach.
 HE  showed me so clearly that things may of failed, but that did not make or any of my family a failure.  
Failure is more than a word,that is often connected to shame and embarrassment.
 Failure can be the very springboard to something amazing if we lay down our fears and what others think, and truly surrender all that we are and have to our God
dont get me wrong thee was a few times i had felt he had up and left me yet i clung to HIS  promise that he would never leave or forsake me

Some of the worlds most famous people and achievement's in the world  came about because of Failure ....
my goodness we only have to start at the begining  in the Garden of Eden and work our way thru the Psalms with King David and so many others

here is a look at what the merrim webster dictionary says about failure

 fail·ure (flyr)
1. The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends: the failure of an experiment.
2. One that fails: a failure at one's career.
3. The condition or fact of being insufficient or falling short: a crop failure.
4. A cessation of proper functioning or performance: a power failure.
5. Nonperformance of what is requested or expected; omission: failure to report a change of address.
6. The act or fact of failing to pass a course, test, or assignment.
7. A decline in strength or effectiveness.
8. The act or fact of becoming bankrupt or insolvent
sounds depressing when we read it like this

Failure has the potential to strengthen our heats and soul and birth within us a warrior spirit .
a spirit that shouts to us each day GET UP AND TRY AGAIN  xx

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

God shops at woolworths

You’re worth more than you think!

Recently, I was scanning my groceries through the self-serve checkout when I placed a single Zucchini (courgette) on the scales, punched Z, and, to my surprise, the machine told me one single zucchini was more than I expected.

Sadly, I didn't think a small single Zucchini would be worth very much at all.

Then I thought that perhaps we approach God in the same way, basing our worth on what we think, or what others have said we are worth.

At different stages in one’s life, sometimes it can feel like not very much. Yet the amazing beautiful truth is that God doesn't have scales.

When we approach Him, He doesn't look up our name, type and size and say, ‘Oh you’re only worth this much.’

When we approach our God and listen to His Words, He reveals our worth and we come to know we are priceless to Him.

No human being or bank could ever contain the amount we are worth. God created us “in His image”, to be in relationship with Him.

When we have had painful words spoken to us, or situations have happened to us, it is in our human nature to believe lies of how unlovable we are, or how damaged we are.

That is why it is so important to turn to the Word of God, the Bible, and trust God’s valuation of us, as it protects our minds from the lies that try to destroy us.

Today, remember that you are worth more than rubies and pearls, so priceless. As Jesus sacrifice for your sins proved, you are literally to die for.

So, next time you’re in the supermarket scanning your groceries remember you are one priceless gem with incredible worth.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gods Pause Button

Definition of PAUSE

: a temporary stop
a: a break in a verse
Have you ever experienced a Pause moment in life.
Its a moment that we often mistake  for something more.
as if we have been frozen in time
I know when my Pause moment arrived, i felt as if God had clicked the eject button and every dream and all hope was lost.
Yet God never presses the eject button
He does however sometimes need to press Pause
I love how the merriam-webster dictionary defines it as a break in the verse,
It doesn't say the song is over,it just is a break, a breather, a Pause
Pause moments are hard to understand .
How do I know ?
I know because  i am in one at the moment,
so many dreams and things paused after an accident affected our family
Yet there is one thing I am learning, and that is  Pause moments are powerful moments if we allow them to be.
 I struggled with mine for a while,God had pressed pause and i was still running on my own steam.
Guess that's part of being human and thinking we can hold the world up when we ourselves can hardly  stand 
 I have learned some valuable lessons and continue to each day in regard to Gods Pause button.
One of the most important things I am learning, which sadly i thought I knew, is He never presses Pause without a reason,
He presses Pause because He knows the plans he has for us.
He knows us better than we know ourselves ....He sees the whole story not just one line or chapter.
He sees the beginning and the end 
so if you feel like your sitting in the middle of a Pause, remember its not forever.
 its just a break in the verse of the song called life
 Allow yourself to flow with it.
I know its easier said than done, but trust me fighting it leads to exhaustion and frustration 
I love all of  psalm 139  but take a moment and read what  vs 13-18 say
For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb. 
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you
when I was made in the secret place,
when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. 
Your eyes saw my unformed body;
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.
 How precious to me are your thoughts,  God!
How vast is the sum of them!
 Were I to count them,
they would outnumber the grains of sand
when I awake, I am still with you.
He knows us and cares for us
 and when we come to the season of Pause, or if we find ourselves in it right now, meditate on this word and know that he knows what HE is doing

Monday, August 13, 2012

Breaking the chains

As i choose to write this i realise that we may have many different views and many different experiences.
 Yet even though we may all not agree on the same things, we can choose to disagree and continue to journey together, that's the beauty about diversity.
 Its not division that makes us powerful to help one another its diversity,being unique and accepting we are all different.
  A women guide to nakedness was conceived in my heart during a very dark time, and Iam still in the very early days of having the honour of  carrying the dream in my heart,
 knowing that one day God is going to allow me to give birth to this amazing  vision.
 But until then i choose to nurture it and share my "pregnancy"journey with you all.

When God spoke the words, A woman's guide to nakedness in to my heart,i knew straight away i was about to be stripped first.
 Its like anything in life, when we are called to teach or specialize in a particular area  and help others in a certain subject you first have to go through  the training....

Gods desire is for us all to walk in freedom, however for many of us the very thing that keeps us bound has shame and fear attached to the chains, inevitably they drag us down, 
I have done many things in my life that i am not proud of,  but i have also experienced first hand the amazing Grace and Mercy of a heavenly Father who removes all shame and fear
and HE fixes that which is broken
Over the next few months, A woman's guide to nakedness wants  to look at and address some areas that we as women have or still do feel imprisoned in ...

Areas like Abortion,Adultery, Alcoholism, Anorexia,Anxiety, Bulimia,Depression, Self worth , Shame and Guilt ..... and the list will go on.
when things are brought in to the light Darkness disappears

 If you yourself  have experienced any of these areas, please feel free to send me a private inbox if you want your story to help others and i can post it anonymously.
Our MESS is always a MESSage to anothers  freedom if we allow it

So today as you go about your life, I want you to be aware of one powerful amazing truth ....
NOTHING and that means NOTHING can ever separate you from the Love of God ...
No matter what you have done in your past, or what you may do in your future, when we come to him and ask for HIS forgiveness he forgives us ..
He is not a God with a big stick who judges us and beats us ....he sent his son to die for us that's  how much he love us all  ...He removes our shame and sets us FREE
Isaiah 61 1 God tells us that He opens the prison doors and sets the captives free xx 


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love on the battle field

A thought came to me early this morning, whist thinking on the Anzac spirit it took me on voyage of various stormy seas I have recently encountered ....the thought was Do we really care?
Do WE the Bride of Christ display such qualities to those wounded in battle?
Do we display a similar spirit to families who have members that are lost in the stormy seas of life ?
Do we really fight for those who have been taken captive and are now POW ?
The more I think on the Anzac spirit the more I long to display those character traits in my own life as well as seeing them displayed in our churches and our communities
WE ARE IN A WAR we like it or not.
 YES, we know the battle has been won and that God has the victory but we are still in a WAR here on earth
I so trust if we truly took hold of this reality,then a True Anzac spirit would permeate our lives and how we are to those who are wounded.......
If we accurately took hold of that reality there wouldn’t be a big, To hard basket in our minds when it comes to those getting hit by the enemy
You see WAR is WAR the ship we have embarked up on is not a cruise liner were we sit back and think everything is rosy and sip on Gods goodness without a thought for anyone else ....
Outside of our comfort zones ...are brothers and sisters who have gone AWOL..The pressures of the fight were just too much.....
Others have been taken as a POW..Caught by the enemy like trophies, weakend by the pressures of life
Furthermore many lay wounded unable to walk the road set before them, and this isn’t always due to their own doing, This my friends is what we call causalities of the be continued ...

Friday, August 10, 2012

 A few  years ago we lived on acreage out in the beautiful Tallebudgra Valley.
 I loved that place it was a haven and heaven sent, surrounded by trees and wildlife with a beautiful creek and an abundance of banana trees and citrus trees.
Yet amongst all the breathtaking beauty it took a lot of work to keep,hours up on hours of mowing and weeding not to mention pruning.
One day i remember vividly i was running out of time and i had been weeding for most of the morning,it was hot and i was tired, so i took the whipper sniper and just whipped the weeds down,
quick fix couldn't see them, and off i went feeling somewhat proud that i had cut some corners and still my garden looked beautiful.
yet that same week little green weeds started sprouting up agggrrhhhh .
There was no getting around it, I would have to pull them out buy the roots.
As i began doing this the Lord spoke to my heart,he showed me how many times we quick fix the weeds that grow in our own lives,
We can look beautiful and no one would notice until they begin to grow again order to be truly weed free we have to dig out the root of what is and has caused the problem,
Is it easy? NO WAY
Does it take time? YES
 Can it be painful?OFTEN
But its so worth it
If you keep whipper snipping over the issues that haunt you or get in your way and hurt you,stop and take time to get to the root of the issue and begin to create a weed free life 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The heart of the matter ..part 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to journey around your own heart, I wonder what you would find?
I don’t mean ventricles,veins and blood.
I mean the emotional areas, the areas that not even a surgeon could see if he opened us up ..I am talking about the hidden things, the things that only God can see and you can feel
Lately I have been pondering the condition of my own heart, the past few months with certain situations that have happened, I have become so aware of the powerful array of emotions we humans can contain inside us ..
I think often we can  accept certain emotions as they don’t seem to hold as much shame and horror  as some other emotions seem to, which for the life of me I can’t understand,because every emotion whether good or bad if God given.
When we feel bad emotions its a sign something is not right ..
Certain emotions seem to be  easier to talk about, Sadness and Grief tend to hold a sensitivity about them, yet the moment we say were angry, hateful, unforgiving or wanting to rip a head of (ha-ha) we can tend to be frowned up on, or looked at as if we need a straight jacket.
 And yet they are all real emotions and we still have to deal with them.

The question is the way we deal with them

We were not created to be unhappy and heartbroken,
We were not created to be addicted to different substances and hate who we are,
We were not created to sell our bodies or vomit every time we eat in order to have the "perfect body",
We were not created for pain and self destruction
We were not created to end our lives because we were ashamed of how we feel ,or what we have done.

So many of us hide the latter emotions for fear of being judged ,and take it upon ourselves to self medicate and mask them,hence the high rate of suicides we see today especially in our young people

 When we are not being honest and seeking help for damaged and painful emotions it is  like keeping them in  a slow cooker.
 A slow cooker has 3 settings low, med and auto.Auto is great, you can pop in your food and leave for the day and it will be done in a few hours. 
Yet there can be  a danger in this method, you see even though it’s on auto and supposedly cooks your food for the right length of time, if you never came home and it was left on then  the food inside still stews ,if left for to long it becomes very dry the juices have been soaked up and the taste is none existent.
The very same thing can apply to our emotions if not dealt with.
Our emotions just stew inside us, our lives may look ok on the outside,  but inside the heat is on.
 And our emotions are being  stewed so to speak and then before we know it we become dry and tasteless,bitterness sets in  and have nothing left in us to give  

Dealing with Painful situations is not as easy as 123, say a quick prayer and its all fantastic.
Painful situations are all part of lifes journey there is no hiding from them, some are more painful than others,some last longer than we would like ,but the truth is the journey and the unravelling of the pain is the most freeing thing we can ever do
Don't hide how you feel .....
Don't be ashamed if your in Pain
its better to be real and whole than false and broken
we all have a choice to face it and deal with it ,or hide it and deny it
I pray  we all learn to face whatever emotions keep us bound and we learn to fly and be free  
and i love Pr 4:23), Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A weapon called courage

The cry of my heart is that I will Arise and be all I am ordained to be.
That Isaiah 61 would be the theme of my life and that I would bring a fragrance of the king wherever I go ………

Well how beautiful it sounds to say it………. yet its another thing when he starts his transformation work in order for me to become that women he has ordained me to be, it sounds so nice to think of having his aroma but the pressing process to generate it isn’t always as pleasant ha-ha ……..

I realise that some things in my life, that I really felt I had nailed to the cross were actually still in my hand I had just managed to work my way around them masking them up, until I started to really cry out and ask him to change me wow oocchh!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls at this present time there are things in my life that I know God wants me to address/people I need to talk to things that in the natural I can’t even think about how he will work it out yet I know his ways are not my ways …….And he never asks us to do more than we can handle

Well this morning I felt God add a weapon to my bag ……….COURAGE ….

The weapon girls is COURAGE , courage to look at things in our own lives for what they really are ………Not to mask them behind smiles and biblical words but to fully have the courage to dig in deal with it in order for those around us to capture the fragrance of God in our lives.

I really am not concerned by how much people think I am a beautiful spiritual Christian………… but I am interested in people knowing of our beautiful spiritual, graceful, merciful, King

the only way his light will shine through us is if we are transparent and cry out for the help of other warriors to help us deal with any think that hinders us so we can run the race set before us I believe that each of us are Leaders in the kingdom and we have to lead the way by example

Maybe this week you will also need to dig in to your war bag and pull out the weapon of courage.

Courage to speak out

Courage to be quite

Courage to face some giants

Courage to turn away

Courage to step out

Courage to posses

One thing is for sure and you can read it for your self In the Webster dictionary. “That courage is not the abstance of fear but the capacity to meet danger with out giving way to it (fear)”.

May we be women with hearts like David who knew when he faced his Goliath that his God was bigger and stronger?

Much love and thanks for allowing me to share my journey with you debs xxxx

Sunday, June 24, 2012

washed in the waves of HIS healing

One of the beautiful things I love is to walk the oceans edge, sometimes i take my journal down and just wait and listen to the beautiful whispers of God.
Some days i hear him so clearly and then others he doesn't say a word ....

This morning I went down and just sat breathing in his goodness and beauty, and praying he would speak to me .

As I sat there was nothing but silence,beautiful and  peaceful but silence nevertheless
I have heard that type of silence before, its a loud kind if that makes sense its as if your all alone and silence is shouting at the top of its voice

As i began to head home I saw a couple of girls writing messages in the sand.
Each time they would write the wave would come and wash it away,they would scream and laugh and do it again to still have the same results

It was then that the silence i had experienced became a loud shout from heaven.

In every page of our lives we write each chapter, some parts are exciting
 some not so nice and some others take the pen and write it for us
Yet with God his love and healing is like the ocean waves, that come and wash away every pain, sin and mistake he remembers no more
So no matter were your at today picture the beautiful waves of Gods healing washing over your life and rest in knowing he has it all under control ..I know Iam

Sunday, May 27, 2012


Lord i need to hear you speak
you seem so far away
I want to hear your voice
like every other day

"My child If iam silent
its not that i don't speak
Its in this time I strengthen
The parts of you that's weak"

But Lord the pain in hurting
far to much for me to bear I need to know your voice
to know that you are there

"oh my beautiful darling
ill never leave your side
Just hold on tight and don't let Go
were going for a ride

This ride is like a roller coaster
you will go up and down
bit i have got you covered
and have my angels all around"

your rough days will come,but they will pass
and smiling will resume
your heart may feel it is breaking
but healing will come soon

If every ride was easy
you'd never need to pray
your tears are like an ointment
that will soothe your Pain away

you say some things just don't make sense
I know you feel this way
but i see the beginning and the end
and you will to one day

I understand Your fears
yep every single one
but as you journey through them
they will one day be gone

I told you ill rebuild you
and build you back i will
but for this present storm your in
I need you to be still

Be still and know that iam God
Iam jealous for your heart
I love you with a passion
know let this journey start

So in my silence Know one thing
Iam always by your side
Iam yours you are mine
and iam with You on this ride" 


© Deb Matheson 2012