Monday, August 13, 2012

Breaking the chains

As i choose to write this i realise that we may have many different views and many different experiences.
 Yet even though we may all not agree on the same things, we can choose to disagree and continue to journey together, that's the beauty about diversity.
 Its not division that makes us powerful to help one another its diversity,being unique and accepting we are all different.
  A women guide to nakedness was conceived in my heart during a very dark time, and Iam still in the very early days of having the honour of  carrying the dream in my heart,
 knowing that one day God is going to allow me to give birth to this amazing  vision.
 But until then i choose to nurture it and share my "pregnancy"journey with you all.

When God spoke the words, A woman's guide to nakedness in to my heart,i knew straight away i was about to be stripped first.
 Its like anything in life, when we are called to teach or specialize in a particular area  and help others in a certain subject you first have to go through  the training....

Gods desire is for us all to walk in freedom, however for many of us the very thing that keeps us bound has shame and fear attached to the chains, inevitably they drag us down, 
I have done many things in my life that i am not proud of,  but i have also experienced first hand the amazing Grace and Mercy of a heavenly Father who removes all shame and fear
and HE fixes that which is broken
Over the next few months, A woman's guide to nakedness wants  to look at and address some areas that we as women have or still do feel imprisoned in ...

Areas like Abortion,Adultery, Alcoholism, Anorexia,Anxiety, Bulimia,Depression, Self worth , Shame and Guilt ..... and the list will go on.
when things are brought in to the light Darkness disappears

 If you yourself  have experienced any of these areas, please feel free to send me a private inbox if you want your story to help others and i can post it anonymously.
Our MESS is always a MESSage to anothers  freedom if we allow it

So today as you go about your life, I want you to be aware of one powerful amazing truth ....
NOTHING and that means NOTHING can ever separate you from the Love of God ...
No matter what you have done in your past, or what you may do in your future, when we come to him and ask for HIS forgiveness he forgives us ..
He is not a God with a big stick who judges us and beats us ....he sent his son to die for us that's  how much he love us all  ...He removes our shame and sets us FREE
Isaiah 61 1 God tells us that He opens the prison doors and sets the captives free xx 


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  1. Praise GOD for honesty! We have a story to HIS GLORY! And as we give our Testimonies to others our spirits are crying out to the LORD "DO IT AGAIN LORD!" Amen!!! GOD Bless you my wittle bumble BEE Sis in JESUS ((( Deb ))) hugs mate!:)