Saturday, October 27, 2012

Daughters of the King

Just recently as i was inflicting some pain on myself, commonly known as exercise,I saw the most precious moment take place.
A little girl was standing at the oceans edge with a huge hat on,which she had it pulled over her face and continually shouted "Daddy Daddy can you find me iam hiding ".
Her dad played along with her game for a few moments, until all of a sudden he just swept her up and said "I have found you".
The little girl was hugging her daddy and laughing.
as i continued my walk it got me thinking.
I don't know were you are all at.
However i believe that God wants to minister to your heart today
I believe that God wants to talk to two types of women today.
Firstly those that are scared and still filled with shame your finding it hard to move forwarded .
Secondly those who feel like they have been left on the shelf, as your dreams and desires have never surfaced and your afraid hes forgotten you or lost you in a crowd............
Girls the bible is so clear, God knows and sees everything.
you cant hide from him no matter what your past has been.
No matter what your scared he will ask of you.
No matter what your present situation is.
He knows it all.
And he never overlooks his children.
We sometimes can find ourselves like the little girl on the oceans edge covering our faces with a variety of hats in order to hide ourselves away from our Heavenly Father
Yet just like that little girls daddy,Our hevenly Father runs towards us and picks us up, spins us around and says "My daughter of course i have found you i never took my eyes off you,you stand out in a crowd so unique one of a kind i took your past and transformed it in to beauty you no longer need to hide your face from me".
He then turns to his beautiful daughters who feel left out and forgotten and he lifts the hat of your face and speaks to your soul saying "my beautiful one i have not forgotten you, my timing is perfect I see the beginning from the end and sometimes delay is your best friend.
We serve a king who loves us just as we are.
He knows the right time for our dreams to be born and knows every intricate thought that we have
lets trust him with our all much love debs xx

©Deb Matheson