Monday, November 29, 2010

Most of you who know me well, know that, my heart is for women of God whom are secretly struggling and never seem to break through ..
One day God gave me a vision as I prayed for women of God
Moreover, it was hundreds and hundreds of women dressed like mummies
And at the time sadly to say I was one of them
Their rags had been undone to there waist they were worshiping raising there hands
However, when I looked down at there feet they were still bound
And unable to dance and fully move
Girl’s, God does not want us only half-free
He wants us 100% free
I believe God is truly asking and calling us to be real, authentic, genuine, and transparent
To put aside our masks and our lies
And our “keeping it together FACES”

Things in life happen to us wether we r saved or not
As long as you have skin, a heart, and are breathing
Life, will at some point throw you a curve ball
And sometimes you cannot help but catch it …...
I know as I have been there, done that, bought the T-Shirt!!!!

Life can seem so cruel and hard
That the easiest thing to do is give up the fight
Walk away
Yet with God, it does not have to be like that
My reading this morning was from Galatians 5 vs. 1-
It reads
As I read this, I felt God say, that this is a Shout from heaven
To his people for this time
In order for unity,
In order for us reaching our community’s,
In order for us to become the men and women, we are called to be,
We have to to stand fast, and untangle ourselves, as we cant untangle others, or move in to all that God has for us, while we are tangled up
I don’t know about you, but it don’t matter wether you’re a pastor the president or a janitor, it can be so easy to become entangled in the things of our past, or the enemies traps, and even religion
Entangled means
to twist or interweave in such a manner as not to be easily separated.
Once we become tangled, it is not that easy to become untangled
Girls it truly is time to ARISE and stand fast
Letting go of everything that drags you back,

Position yourself well, standing in the liberty that belongs to you
Standing fast, refuse to back down; Refuse to be tangled
I was thinking of an army assault course and how there are different obstacles, that you have to get through…
Climbing walls,
Flying fox ,
And nets to crawl under
,I was imagining, what it would be like, if the soldiers, once they came to the nets, all started to get tangled in them ..
When the other soldiers would come over the wall, and start running toward the net, they would fall on top of each other,
As when one is tangled, it can affect the whole team
I think before we can change the world around us.
It has to start with a change in us,
A change from entanglement to true freedom
We serve a King who is passionate about us
A king who is longing for transparency and authenticity
A king who knows us inside out
So if your reading this note and you honestly know that you r tangled up,
Unable to stand fast in the liberty and freedom that is YOURS
Can I encourage you not to wait any longer?
Today is the day for Gods girls to step out of the tangled net and run free
In order for you to be everything you were made for
It is far from a weakness being honest about your need for help wholeness and healing…
It is an amazing strength …that will not only change your life but all the lives that cross your path ….
GO ON I DARE YA !!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

 We are about to venture out on a journey of truth ..a journey that i pray will address issues that we all struggle with ...there is not one women on planet earth that doesn't wrestle with something .....if statistics are correct then 1in 3 women suffer the effects of abortion that statistic alone is enough for me to write this blog ...
but what about other issues we all either face ,hide ,or continually battle with ...anger .jealousy .unforgivness divorce addictions .....i truly believe that honest is the key to freedom .......i realise that these are issue's that women in church struggle to admit but sadly it is the truth ....God sent his son to set us FREE  not set us partially free but set us TOTELY FREE ...
we need to be honest with out strugless ...sheding the clothes that bind us ...and running free the race set before us ...lets journey together as we cross pot holes and valleys yet knowing taht together we can clinb the mountian before us xx
My reason for creating this blog, is i have searched high and low for books on life,marriage, kids ,church etc and found 100s but non that say it how it is!!
Don't get me wrong they all give amazing advice, but that's where it stops.
 i wanted something from the author that showed me a realness of true overcoming  but to my dismay i havent been able to find it
 As  i write this blog i am not saying i have it all sorted, far from it, YET i know a God who does
A God who encourages us to not hide but stand before him warts and all ,and he will set us free .....
I want everyone who reads this blog to know that we are all in need of a Saviour ...and all in need of a friend my prayer is that  God will guide me in writing this blog and many women will be set free ......lets journey together as we learn not to be ashamed and cover our weakness but to be naked before HIM and watch how he heals them ............