Friday, November 26, 2010

My reason for creating this blog, is i have searched high and low for books on life,marriage, kids ,church etc and found 100s but non that say it how it is!!
Don't get me wrong they all give amazing advice, but that's where it stops.
 i wanted something from the author that showed me a realness of true overcoming  but to my dismay i havent been able to find it
 As  i write this blog i am not saying i have it all sorted, far from it, YET i know a God who does
A God who encourages us to not hide but stand before him warts and all ,and he will set us free .....
I want everyone who reads this blog to know that we are all in need of a Saviour ...and all in need of a friend my prayer is that  God will guide me in writing this blog and many women will be set free ......lets journey together as we learn not to be ashamed and cover our weakness but to be naked before HIM and watch how he heals them ............

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