Monday, September 3, 2012


Lately i have been thinking on how its so much easier to want to change the world,yet when it comes down to changing oneself the hard work begins.
Things we didn't want to address or simply didn't even know was an issue come to the fore front, giving us two choices lie down and ignore or accept the challenge and trust and live free
I would have to say that i have chosen to accept the challenge but my goodness its been one of the hardest things I have had to do

This past 2 weeks I truly have been challenged in my faith
Not as in do I believe Jesus is Lord,
but in do I truly believe He is Lord over my seemingly impossible situation.
As i have thought hard and long on this, I have been deeply moved. 
 See it can be easier when you have your surroundings in a secure spot.
Regular income,Secure home life ,Secure job/ministry,to be able quote all things are possible and a myriad of scripture
 However it can be a very different story when all is stripped away and its just you and him and a humanly impossible situation.
 When we are facing new territory it can be overwhelming and quite  frighting.
Not knowing what is around the corner can be scary  and finding that your wavering in Gods promises can be devastating.
Especially when your exhausted from the journey
Yet I am learning its through the wavering and the struggles that a deep strength comes one that is impossible to find on the mountain top.
Its in the massive wrestles we can have as we climb back up and fall down again, that teaches us amazing wisdom and enables us to press on
I don't know were your all at this morning, but I do know that God will never leave your side as we surrender our lives He picks us up and even though we may still have to walk some rocky roads he is our guide and protector