Monday, April 1, 2013

A piece of old fabric

Down in the fabric shop 
that's were she lay 
a piece of old fabric 
that was starting to fray 

She wasn't like the others
 neatly stacked in to a pile 
she was thrown on the floor 
 she had been there for a while 

She was dirty and dusty 
as she laid on the floor 
covered in footprints 
That no one would pay for 

Then early one morning 
some one came to the store 
as soon as they entered
they looked on the floor 

And there lay the fabric 
all dusty and worn
not neat like the rest 
but crumpled and torn 

the old man bent down 
and with a smile on his face
he picked up the fabric
'ahh Iam in the right place'

He proceeded  with joy 
to the cashiers desk
this torn dusted fabric 
 no longer grotesque 

How much for this piece 
i love it so much 
the colours so vibrant 
and so soft to touch 

oh that's not for sale sir
the cashier said 
its just an old scrap 
that's worn with no thread 

oh no my dear 
you don't understand
scraps are not scraps
 when there inside my hand

                                               Copyright © 2013 [Deb Matheson]. All Rights Reserved.

No matter what has happened
 in our lives, we may feel torn and worn battered and bruised 'but in the hands of Jesus he sees potential and beauty and makes everything new