Monday, June 3, 2013

Empty jars

I have recently been challenged about giving God what is in my hands ,not because i don't want him to have it, but because in all honesty i don't know what i have to give

Have you ever felt that way?

Its almost like for years and years what you have and who you are has been consumed by maybe what you do, and somewhere along the way your talents and gifts are buried under a mountain of lies from the enemy that tells you your a empty vessel with nothing to give.

It got me thinking about the widow in 2 kings 4vs1

We don't even know her name all we know is she is known as "a certain woman" a widow who was poor and broken.
A women whose surroundings were desolate
She is in great need when Elisha asked what does she have in her house, she replied nothing but a jar of  oil,so he tells her she must go and borrow empty vessels from her neighbors can you imagine what she was thinking.

 I mean empty vessels what good are they?
Why not vessels that have something in them?

But she trusted and obeyed and went.God uses everything we have even when we think its little or insignificant he never wastes anything.
When she brought the empty vessels home she was told to pour the oil in them.
Now i know for me I am not that good at math, but even i know that the small jar of oil is by no way going to fill the vessels that she had borrowed.

 But she again obeyed and began to pour and the oil kept pouring out and pouring out until every vessel was filled
As i meditated on this I imagined her being in awe as she saw the miracle before her eyes as she saw Gods amazing provision before her eyes for herself and her sons
Yet that is also what he longs to do with us
our lives empty and surrendered and he shows up and asks us what do we have?
 ....and like the widow we may only have a little oil left, or we may not even know what we have, However God does
So the challenge is what do we have, that HE can multiply and use
even in a season of lack we still have something to offer and that something is our life