Thursday, August 9, 2012

The heart of the matter ..part 1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to journey around your own heart, I wonder what you would find?
I don’t mean ventricles,veins and blood.
I mean the emotional areas, the areas that not even a surgeon could see if he opened us up ..I am talking about the hidden things, the things that only God can see and you can feel
Lately I have been pondering the condition of my own heart, the past few months with certain situations that have happened, I have become so aware of the powerful array of emotions we humans can contain inside us ..
I think often we can  accept certain emotions as they don’t seem to hold as much shame and horror  as some other emotions seem to, which for the life of me I can’t understand,because every emotion whether good or bad if God given.
When we feel bad emotions its a sign something is not right ..
Certain emotions seem to be  easier to talk about, Sadness and Grief tend to hold a sensitivity about them, yet the moment we say were angry, hateful, unforgiving or wanting to rip a head of (ha-ha) we can tend to be frowned up on, or looked at as if we need a straight jacket.
 And yet they are all real emotions and we still have to deal with them.

The question is the way we deal with them

We were not created to be unhappy and heartbroken,
We were not created to be addicted to different substances and hate who we are,
We were not created to sell our bodies or vomit every time we eat in order to have the "perfect body",
We were not created for pain and self destruction
We were not created to end our lives because we were ashamed of how we feel ,or what we have done.

So many of us hide the latter emotions for fear of being judged ,and take it upon ourselves to self medicate and mask them,hence the high rate of suicides we see today especially in our young people

 When we are not being honest and seeking help for damaged and painful emotions it is  like keeping them in  a slow cooker.
 A slow cooker has 3 settings low, med and auto.Auto is great, you can pop in your food and leave for the day and it will be done in a few hours. 
Yet there can be  a danger in this method, you see even though it’s on auto and supposedly cooks your food for the right length of time, if you never came home and it was left on then  the food inside still stews ,if left for to long it becomes very dry the juices have been soaked up and the taste is none existent.
The very same thing can apply to our emotions if not dealt with.
Our emotions just stew inside us, our lives may look ok on the outside,  but inside the heat is on.
 And our emotions are being  stewed so to speak and then before we know it we become dry and tasteless,bitterness sets in  and have nothing left in us to give  

Dealing with Painful situations is not as easy as 123, say a quick prayer and its all fantastic.
Painful situations are all part of lifes journey there is no hiding from them, some are more painful than others,some last longer than we would like ,but the truth is the journey and the unravelling of the pain is the most freeing thing we can ever do
Don't hide how you feel .....
Don't be ashamed if your in Pain
its better to be real and whole than false and broken
we all have a choice to face it and deal with it ,or hide it and deny it
I pray  we all learn to face whatever emotions keep us bound and we learn to fly and be free  
and i love Pr 4:23), Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life

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