Sunday, August 12, 2012

Love on the battle field

A thought came to me early this morning, whist thinking on the Anzac spirit it took me on voyage of various stormy seas I have recently encountered ....the thought was Do we really care?
Do WE the Bride of Christ display such qualities to those wounded in battle?
Do we display a similar spirit to families who have members that are lost in the stormy seas of life ?
Do we really fight for those who have been taken captive and are now POW ?
The more I think on the Anzac spirit the more I long to display those character traits in my own life as well as seeing them displayed in our churches and our communities
WE ARE IN A WAR we like it or not.
 YES, we know the battle has been won and that God has the victory but we are still in a WAR here on earth
I so trust if we truly took hold of this reality,then a True Anzac spirit would permeate our lives and how we are to those who are wounded.......
If we accurately took hold of that reality there wouldn’t be a big, To hard basket in our minds when it comes to those getting hit by the enemy
You see WAR is WAR the ship we have embarked up on is not a cruise liner were we sit back and think everything is rosy and sip on Gods goodness without a thought for anyone else ....
Outside of our comfort zones ...are brothers and sisters who have gone AWOL..The pressures of the fight were just too much.....
Others have been taken as a POW..Caught by the enemy like trophies, weakend by the pressures of life
Furthermore many lay wounded unable to walk the road set before them, and this isn’t always due to their own doing, This my friends is what we call causalities of the be continued ...

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