Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A weapon called courage

The cry of my heart is that I will Arise and be all I am ordained to be.
That Isaiah 61 would be the theme of my life and that I would bring a fragrance of the king wherever I go ………

Well how beautiful it sounds to say it………. yet its another thing when he starts his transformation work in order for me to become that women he has ordained me to be, it sounds so nice to think of having his aroma but the pressing process to generate it isn’t always as pleasant ha-ha ……..

I realise that some things in my life, that I really felt I had nailed to the cross were actually still in my hand I had just managed to work my way around them masking them up, until I started to really cry out and ask him to change me wow oocchh!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls at this present time there are things in my life that I know God wants me to address/people I need to talk to things that in the natural I can’t even think about how he will work it out yet I know his ways are not my ways …….And he never asks us to do more than we can handle

Well this morning I felt God add a weapon to my bag ……….COURAGE ….

The weapon girls is COURAGE , courage to look at things in our own lives for what they really are ………Not to mask them behind smiles and biblical words but to fully have the courage to dig in deal with it in order for those around us to capture the fragrance of God in our lives.

I really am not concerned by how much people think I am a beautiful spiritual Christian………… but I am interested in people knowing of our beautiful spiritual, graceful, merciful, King

the only way his light will shine through us is if we are transparent and cry out for the help of other warriors to help us deal with any think that hinders us so we can run the race set before us I believe that each of us are Leaders in the kingdom and we have to lead the way by example

Maybe this week you will also need to dig in to your war bag and pull out the weapon of courage.

Courage to speak out

Courage to be quite

Courage to face some giants

Courage to turn away

Courage to step out

Courage to posses

One thing is for sure and you can read it for your self In the Webster dictionary. “That courage is not the abstance of fear but the capacity to meet danger with out giving way to it (fear)”.

May we be women with hearts like David who knew when he faced his Goliath that his God was bigger and stronger?

Much love and thanks for allowing me to share my journey with you debs xxxx

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