Sunday, June 24, 2012

washed in the waves of HIS healing

One of the beautiful things I love is to walk the oceans edge, sometimes i take my journal down and just wait and listen to the beautiful whispers of God.
Some days i hear him so clearly and then others he doesn't say a word ....

This morning I went down and just sat breathing in his goodness and beauty, and praying he would speak to me .

As I sat there was nothing but silence,beautiful and  peaceful but silence nevertheless
I have heard that type of silence before, its a loud kind if that makes sense its as if your all alone and silence is shouting at the top of its voice

As i began to head home I saw a couple of girls writing messages in the sand.
Each time they would write the wave would come and wash it away,they would scream and laugh and do it again to still have the same results

It was then that the silence i had experienced became a loud shout from heaven.

In every page of our lives we write each chapter, some parts are exciting
 some not so nice and some others take the pen and write it for us
Yet with God his love and healing is like the ocean waves, that come and wash away every pain, sin and mistake he remembers no more
So no matter were your at today picture the beautiful waves of Gods healing washing over your life and rest in knowing he has it all under control ..I know Iam