Sunday, May 27, 2012


Lord i need to hear you speak
you seem so far away
I want to hear your voice
like every other day

"My child If iam silent
its not that i don't speak
Its in this time I strengthen
The parts of you that's weak"

But Lord the pain in hurting
far to much for me to bear I need to know your voice
to know that you are there

"oh my beautiful darling
ill never leave your side
Just hold on tight and don't let Go
were going for a ride

This ride is like a roller coaster
you will go up and down
bit i have got you covered
and have my angels all around"

your rough days will come,but they will pass
and smiling will resume
your heart may feel it is breaking
but healing will come soon

If every ride was easy
you'd never need to pray
your tears are like an ointment
that will soothe your Pain away

you say some things just don't make sense
I know you feel this way
but i see the beginning and the end
and you will to one day

I understand Your fears
yep every single one
but as you journey through them
they will one day be gone

I told you ill rebuild you
and build you back i will
but for this present storm your in
I need you to be still

Be still and know that iam God
Iam jealous for your heart
I love you with a passion
know let this journey start

So in my silence Know one thing
Iam always by your side
Iam yours you are mine
and iam with You on this ride" 


© Deb Matheson 2012


  1. Experience = the glue of faith Deb. So beautifully composed and ellucidated

  2. Ah, Isn't that the truth! Thanks Deb