Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Travel Light

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you had just arrived at your dream holiday destination in the snow only to open your suitcase and find it packed with bikinis and summer outfits. 

Just the sheer thought makes me feel uneasy. The entire holiday could be far from pleasurable, and somewhat uncomfortable

Yet so often our lives can be just like this.

 Sometimes we can find ourselves in a new season and we are still carrying an abundance of last season’s junk, plus the season before that, and the one before that.
Making our current season heavy and weighed down. Which makes  it very hard to move with the freedom that God has given us?

Imagine your life like a big huge suitcase, as the years have passed the case becomes heavier and heavier, you have been meaning to de clutter but things just get in the way.
Not only that it can also it can feel quite scary to get rid of the things that you have held on to for years. I mean everything has a memory attached whether it be a good one or a bad one.

We can be fully aware that our life is overflowing with too much unnecessary baggage, we know that no matter how much we try to ignore it eventually the zip will break.
And what we thought was a “Neat, compact nobody can see what’s in my case kind of life “eventually will spill out, causing us to now have a suitcase (life) were the handle has fell off and holes have appeared and all the stitching is coming apart.

Every new season we enter we need a spring clean. There is no point if you’re in a summer season to continue to wear your winter outfit, or vice versa.

We need to begin to learn the art of traveling light. Some of us we are carrying pain and hurt and grief around. For others its addictions and anger and the list can go one.
only we know what’s in our case and only we can unpack it 

why not join with me, and open up our lives before God and allow him to De clutter and spring clean our hearts enabling us to walk in the freedom that is ours love Debs xx

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